In the tradition of Sojourner Truth, Audre Lorde, and current-day Black feminist leaders and freedom movements, Black Feminist Future invited all Black people to a homecoming to revere and be inspired by Black feminisms- a blueprint for our collective liberation.

Jubilee: A Black Feminist Homecoming, was a virtual experience celebrating the legacy, power, and possibilities of Black feminisms. On August 28th, Jubilee uplifted a colorful and expansive production of performers, liberators, and guiding stars that told the story of Black feminist activism, unveiled our Black Feminist Platform, and shared concrete actions to take toward our liberation.

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Black feminisms is for all Black people:

We intend to dismantle the common perception that Black feminisms is only for certain Black people or a new concept.

Our work is a continuum:

We come from a rich legacy of Black feminists leaders and activisms that have shifted the world towards social change. We are on a continuum of work and we will be to engage with us about the throughline of Black feminist activisms.

We make the invisible, visible:

We intentionally focus on issues, grassroots movements and the leaders and organizations that have often been excluded and erased.

Black feminisms are global:

Freedom movements are global, with some of the fiercest, most brilliant work to advance feminisms and social justice happening in the global South. Liberation is a transnational struggle.

We must break up with patriarchy:

Patriarchal systems are violent and often deadly. For all Black people to be free, we must defeat patriarchy, especially misogynoir and transmisogynoir; Black feminisms will get us there.

Be ‘bout It!:

Even if you don’t experience sexism, transphobia, ableism, colorism, or other forms of oppression, it is everyone’s responsibility to fight, to interrupt, and dismantle systems that harm our people. We all have a part to play. Take Black feminist action in your daily life, join Black feminist organizations, support your sisters and siblings – fighting for a Black feminist future is a must and we need you!



 To learn about the power, and depth of Black feminist activism, culture, history, leaders, and movements in the United States and the diaspora.


To connect and build with other Black feminists
doing critical work and learn more about Black
Feminist Future’s membership campaign.


To learn tangible ways to interrupt and dismantle
systems of oppression in your community.


You’ll have a moment to express and experience joy!
We’re in unprecedented times, in ways imaginable
and unimaginable. Feelings of fear, grief, pain, and
loss have been all too familiar, so it’s important for
us to carve out space for joy at Jubilee: A Black
Feminist Homecoming